Who We Are

Current Chief & Council

Chief: Steve Courtoreille

Councillor:   Willie Courtoreille

Councillor:   Terry Marten

Councillor:   Leonard Piche

Councillor:   Philip Tourangeau

Councillor:   Juanita Whitehead

Councillor:   Billy Joe Tuccaro

Roles of Chief & Council

Mikisew Cree First Nation is the government administration organization that represents the interests of the Mikisew Cree First Nation members.  An elected Chief and Council provide guidance and direction to the administration staff under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer.  The Mikisew Cree First Nation provides a range of services and operates a variety of social and other programs serving their members.  It also serves an advocacy role on behalf of the members’ treaty rights and entitlements, and a stewardship role in protection of the lands and resources owned by the membership.  

Mikisew Cree First Nation is a self-governing First Nation registered under the Indian Act of Canada, with a number of Reserves allocated for its use.  It is listed as a Not-for-Profit Corporation within the meaning of the Companies Act and the Income Tax Act.

Chief and Council are elected by the membership in a direct vote every three years.  (The most recent election was June 2011). The Chief and Council are legally recognized as the leaders of the government on behalf of the members.  There is one Chief and six Councillors elected.  The Council as a whole makes decisions, and is required by the members to meet regularly to conduct members business together.

The Chief is the spokesperson and overall leader, who provides vision and chairs the council meetings.  The Chief selects which councillors will sit on which committees and serve as which portfolio leaders.

Council Committees

MCFN Governance

A well informed and engaged Chief and Council is the most effective means of ensuring that our First Nation acts in accordance with our Vision, Mission, and Strategic goals and objectives while acting in the best interests of our membership.  Our actions are focused on conducting our business in an ethical and transparent manner as we guide and advance our First Nation toward nation building and self sufficiency in the following areas and where applicable:

  • First Nation Governance
  • Youth and Justice
  • Community Services (Health and Social Enhancement) and Culture
  • Technical Services (Public Works, Housing, On Reserve Development)
  • Economic Development (including corporate affairs)
  • Education, Employment & Training (Elementary, Post Secondary, Training)
  • Finance (Budgets, Audits, Monitoring, Sound Financial Management)
  • Environment, Treaties and Legal Affairs (Treaty Rights)
  • Health (NIHB, Studies)
  • Government & Industry Relations –  This portfolio is represented by an office located in Fort McMurray, and a staff reporting to the Manager, Melody Lepine.  The organization is funded by contributions from industry, and its mandate is to represent the interests of the Mikisew Cree First Nation in working with industrial development applications.

Re-establishment of Committees

Mikisew will be re-establishing committees in the near future.

Past Chiefs

Date     Name

1899 to 1909    Justin Martin (Deceased 1909)

1909 to 1930    Justin Martin, Jr. (Resigned 1930)

1930 to 1941    Felix (Pierre) Guillaume (Whitehead) (Deceased 1941)

1942 to 1968    John Cowie

1968 to 1970    Ernest (Courtoreille) Wittago

1970 to 1974    Albert Gladue

1974 to 1976    John James Courtoreille

1976 to 1976    Archie Waquan (Resigned 1976)

1976 to 1977    Sammy Tuccaro (Resigned 1977)

1977 to 1977    Cecilia Simpson (Interim Chief)

1977 to 1978    Albert Gladue

1978 to 1979    Lawrence Courtoreille

1979 to 1980    Lloyd (John R.) Antoine

1980 to 1984    Lawrence Courtoreille

1984 to 1986    Archie Waquan

1986 to 1989    Rita Marten

1989 to 1990    Mathew Lepine

1990 to 1993    Archie Waquan

1993 to 1996    Lawrence Vermillion

1996 to 1999    Archie Waquan

1999 to 2002    George Poitras

2002 to 2005    Archie Waquan

2005 to 2008    Roxanne Marcel

2008 to 2011    Roxanne Marcel

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