Employment Services

Employment Services is managed by Irene Whitehead, Coordinator and her assistant, Kerry Antoine, Employment Clerk. The office is located at Community Services in the Multiplex building in downtown Fort Chipewyan.

Employment Services offers employment services to members and others, including operating a job referral service, resume writing, employment coaching, and similar services designed to help our members and community residents to find employment. In addition, Employment Services operates the AHRDA program under an agreement with the Athabasca Tribal Council and Human Resources Development Canada. The AHRDA program provides funding for training initiatives including targeted training for individuals as well as training programs to enhance employability and labour market skills for community members. Anybody who is a current Employment Insurance recipient, or who had an active EI claim in the past three years, is eligible to participate in this program.


Member Services is located in the Business Centre on the Allison Bay Reserve. Loretta Mckay is the Membership Coordinator. Her main function is to assist members with the process of enrolling themselves or their offspring as members of the Mikisew Cree First Nation, in accordance with the Custom Membership Code. Vivian is also the main point of contact for general membership inquiries.

Paspew House

“Paspew” is a Cree word that loosely translates as “you made it”. Paspew House is a women’s emergency shelter, located in Fort Chipewyan. Funded by contributions from INAC and Health Canada, this facility exists to provide emergency transitional housing for mothers and children suffering from abuse or wishing to leave abusive relationships.

Anyone admitted to Paspew House is limited to short-term stays of no more than 21 days, in transition to other more permanent options, including addictions treatment and allocation of their own housing unit. Residents receive counseling and assistance as well as sympathetic support.

Managed by the Director of Community Services, Mary Simpson, the facility is operated by a team of crisis intervention workers on an as-needed and on-call basis.

Social Enhancement

The Social Enhancement program is located at the Community Services office in the Multiplex in Fort Chipewyan.  Managed by the Coordinator, Joseph Tuccaro, this program provides a leg up to members who have no other means of support.  Funding is provided for basic living allowance, and can be used to support a member’s basic costs of housing and meals while residing in Fort Chipewyan. Program funds come from INAC, and this program is unfortunately only available to members residing in Fort Chipewyan or on the Allison Bay or Dog Head Reserves.

In addition to basic social assistance and other similar programs to support the daily living of our members in Fort Chipewyan, the Social Enhancement department also provides two programs to support our members in their times of greatest need:

Bereavement Program

This program helps with the costs of burial of a loved one, including the costs of bringing family members together to grieve and to help each other with this burden of their terrible loss. All members are eligible for support under this program, although there are specific program guidelines and limits to the financial contribution available.

Compassionate Program

Similar to the Bereavement Program, this program helps families caught unprepared during a serious medical emergency involving a close family member. For example, this program might assist members to attend at the bedside of a loved one stricken with a serious sudden illness, or involved in a serious accident. As with the Bereavement program there are specific program guidelines and limits to the contribution available.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Department is responsible for providing public works services to the Allison Bay and Dog Head Reserves, including water and sewer truck services to Dog Head and operation of the water treatment plant and sewage treatment lagoon in Allison Bay. 

The department also manages our rental housing portfolio, and provides construction and maintenance services, including managing an inventory of building supplies. The Department includes a fully operational mill shop for custom carpentry, cabinet-making and the like.   

The Department is managed by Jerry Voyager, from an office and warehouse facility located on the “main street” in “downtown” Fort Chipewyan.

Elders Program

Mikisew Cree First Nation values and appreciates the contribution made by the Elders to the community and culture.  Elders are respected opinion leaders, whose accumluated knowledge is a valuable source of inspiration and input for the elected leaders and administraiton staff.

The Mikisew Elders Program is managed by Stella Marten.  Stella provides a liaison between the Mikisew Cree First Nation organization and the elders.  She works as a coordinator of the Mikisew Elders Committee, attends the regular elders meeting, and is responsible for advocating on behalf of the elders' individual and collective needs.

Stella is the first point of contact for elders issues within the Mikisew Cree First Nation.

Stella supervises a small staff which includes a handyman (to assist elder home owners and dwellers with maintenance issues) and a home care worker, whose function is to support the elders with regular home visits.

The elders coordinator's office is located centrally in the community, at the Multiplex building. Regular office hours are maintained.

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