Ten New Houses Raised in Fort Chipewyan for Mikisew Membership

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Technical Services is proud to announce ten new homes under construction for Mikisew membership. Seven homes will stand in Fort Chipewyan and three houses on Doghead Reserve. Technical Services has a staff of 48, most of which are a part of the new home construction. Seven staff are students training to become certified carpenters at Keyano College, and they will continue on to apprentice in future construction projects headed by Mikisew Cree.

Jerry Voyager took medical leave from his duties as the Director, and he is happy to be back at the helm. He feels that Mikisew Cree is one of the best employers he has ever worked for,

"They got a good team, a great Chief and Council. Happy employees make the difference every morning. If you got unhappy employees then you don't get much work done. They started construction in late August, and I've been back now for four weeks. All the homes that we built were closed in within two weeks time. And in four weeks we have four houses with full electrical, all plumed in, with windows and doors. Hopefully (cross our fingers), we will have all ten turned over to Housing by the end of March--end of April."

Mikisew Cree Technical Services crew members brave the morning frost to get homes built.

Another part of Technical Service's responsibilities is demolition of the old nursing station to prepare for the Elders Care Centre construction. The five-person crew will tear down the entire inside of the building, leaving nothing but the outside four walls. Any material that can be salvage will be reused or made available to the community for use in personal building projects. Jerry puts it well,

"The more work for our people on this project means less money spent on outside contractors."

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