Mikisew Cree First Nation Challenges Bill C-45

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Fort Chipewyan, Alberta (December 14, 2012) – Chief Steve Courtoreille and the Council of Mikisew Cree First Nation (MCFN) are proud to announce their unwavering opposition to Bill C-45 (Jobs and Growth Act 2012). “We will never recognize any law which is passed by the Government of Canada which does not have our consent and any such law will not apply on our reserve lands and traditional territories”, says Chief Courtoreille. “We have not been consulted and have no option but to reject this arbitrary action on the part of Prime Minister Harper and his government.”

“Bill C-45 will trample on the rights that accrue to us as members of our First Nation.” The leadership of MCFN, like other First Nations across Canada are concerned that the Government’s omnibus budget bill includes new legislation regarding the leasing of reserve lands, First Nations education, on-reserve voting rights, and the abolishment of the Navigable Waters Protection Act, among others. “We will not sit idly by while the Prime Minister Harper and his government run rough shod over our rights” says Chief Courtoreille.

In 2005, Mikisew Cree First Nation successfully argued in front of the Supreme Court of Canada that the Canadian Government had failed to consult with MCFN when it attempted to take up lands in Wood Buffalo National Park. That case, one of an important trilogy of First Nations consultation cases in Canadian jurisprudence, firmly established that the Government must consult with First Nations when it contemplates any action, which may impact on unproven or established First Nations rights.

MCFN expects that the Government of Canada will consult the First Nation regarding any proposed changes to the Indian Act or associated legislation. “We would welcome the opportunity to meet with the Government of Canada through an open, transparent, and mutually respectful process” says the Chief. Chief Coutorielle will be attending the protest against Bill C-45 in Edmonton, Alberta on December 21. He encourages every citizen of MCFN to join him, “Bring the flags. We want every Mikisew member there.”


Steve Courtoreille
(780) 838-0893

George Poitras
Chief Executive Officer
(587) 985-4954

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  • Patricia Casaway 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I Support your Cause...The Government of Canada is Really only a Representative...the Treaties are International Law which a Society or Agency CANNOT change or ALTER...Any Laws or Changes has to be ratified with the Signatories...May the Spirit and Intent of the Treaty be dealt with accordingly...If they DO NOT Deal with it accordingly...What Have we/they Being doing for the last few Hundred Years?!!

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  • Johnny Steven Gibot 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    This is a sure sign that the present ruling majority Canadian government is desperate to supply water and menerial right to the corperations of the elites. No regards of compensation has been offered to surrounding northern communities for the dispicable polution of Lake Athabasca. Elders have passed away because of the polutions in their drinking waterr, fish are deformed and infected with worms, bears, moose (now has developed cancer) and water fowls lack clean drinking waters which in turns feeds the northern people. Corperate encroachment has/have been active since the 'civilized' European political powers landed on our North America shores. The world has/must stop this 'cancerous' progress of the corperation who's only purpose of existance is to exploit the land and resources at the global people's exspence. Drinking water is only 3% available on mother earth, and presently, there are 7.7 billion people AND birds and animals who had nothing to do with this LIMITATION on the RIGHTS OF HUMAN BEINGS.

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  • Ardell W Twinn 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    "True leaders simply move forward doing what they believe is correct and what resonates for them , often without knowing or even being concerned if there is anyone following."
    I for one support you...
    Ardell Walter Twinn
    Sawridge First Nation.

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  • margaret mercredi steele 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    It is very disturbing to see what is happening in Canada that is very similar to what took place in th US.
    Anytime a Government thinks it allowed to run rough-shod over the people they are paid to work for, we have a problem brewing. The Tories are the eqivalent of the Republicans, their agenda is to support thr oil companies without regards as to who owns the land, If its Aboriginals, big deal!! they have a procedure to follow and they must be made to do so. Its time to stand up not only for our rights but also for anyone who will be hurt by their underhanded tactics.

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  • Robert Whitehead 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I fully support Mikisew First Nation in their challenge to Bill C-45. Keep up the good work.

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  • Bonny Lees 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I absolutely support Mikisew First Nation, and all other First Nations in Canada in their challenges to Bill C-45. Because all appeals to morality and sanity have been rebuffed by Mr. Harper, First Nations are the only remaining hope in Canada of preventing the degradations, destructions and oppressions being attempted in Canada and on all Canadians by this unscrupulous Stephen Harper government. It behoves all peoples of this land to support Mikisew First Nations and others in this righteous endeavour.

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  • Samuel Poe 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Canada is now doing what the United States did in the late 19th century. Make treaty's with Indian Nations then stab them in the back. It is important for all Indians of Canada to leave their homes and build new ones in the vast wilderness of Canada. If they do not do that they will be exterminated. Read the Seven Fires Prophecy. Some entity has sent a message about the evil intentions (Racial Cleansing) of the whites. We also know from the Seven Fires Prophecy that the whites can do whatever they want. That's all the evidence we need to find new homes in the vast Canadian wilderness. Be wise and form small groups of Indians and find good isolated locations in the Canadian wilderness. Establish new homes and find good methods of raising food. The whites can't be trusted. And making matters worse is Indian leaders can't be trusted. They are employed by the whites. Genocide is involved and yet they think of themselves and Money.

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  • Sands Pippen 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    I am relieved to see that our people are fighting this in the courts; we have many Supreme Court Rights in our favour that state we MUST be Accom. and Consulted. hARPER'S pink ass is disregarding their highest laws of the lands by doing what he and his govn't did. He should be dragged through the courts, and then his ass should be thrown out on the street, as well as, sussex dr. Dems are the rules as I interpret them to be ... Red Power, Keep the Circle Strong !!!

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